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The 2015 Custom Trakker is much more like the Original Dave Beck WSK than the one we have done previously. This batch started life as a solid bar of over a quarter inch thick A-2 and were completely hand ground from those bars. They are true 100% custom blades. Each one will be slightly different but you might need a micrometer to tell them apart. The crew did a fantastic job making each one. The knives have more girth to the handles and balance forward for chopping but are not all ungainly for doing finer work. The handle has been designed so that you hold it securely with the hand forward or more to the rear. The 2015 Trakker is a real handful and made for serious work. Overall Length: 13.1 in/33.27 cm Blade Length: 7.5 in/19.05 cm Blade Height: 2.125 in/5.40 cm Blade Thickness: .265 in/6.73 cm Weight: 22.775 oz

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